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Would you and your child benefit from this program? Ask yourself these questions:

Do you want your child to develop a love for books and reading?

Is your child prepared for school?

Do you live in a school district with half-day Kindergarten?

Do you want to increase your child's motivation to learn?

Does your child need to catch up academically, to his/her peers?

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The Core

Listed below is more information on the 3 CORE components of The Appleseed:

1.  Books: 

During each class, children will be read a Non-fiction book and/or Fiction book that are theme-related.  This will give them the necessary background knowledge they may need to understand events in the fictional story or just pique their interest in subjects such as science, social studies, language arts, health and well-being, math, etc…  They will also be exposed to a variety of book formats such as Big Books, eBooks (projected to the SMART Board (see below)), Audio Books and Books on DVD.   To see examples of Non-fiction and Fiction books that will be read when your child attends The Appleseed, please click on the link: Books and More.

2.  Interactive Technology:
Since technology is not going away and is now prevalent in the social contexts of children, it is important to promote its use. During each class, the SMART Board (Interactive White Board) will be used to engage and motivate the children. It allows children to manipulate texts and objects and promotes visual observation skills by watching simulations and viewing graphics.
Since many of the extension activities will be on the SMART Board, each child will have many opportunities to participate and interact with it during class. 

K - 12 teachers are embracing the technological revolution by using the
SMART Board, so it only makes sense to incorporate it into The Appleseed and have each child become familiar it.

3.  Extension activities:

Throughout the lesson, children will be actively involved asking and answering questions rather than passively listening. Also, they will be presented with fun extension activities to keep them motivated and engaged. They will practice:
     *Word Recognition (vocabulary of the day)
     *Phonemic awareness
     *Sight word recognition
     *Math: simple addition and subtraction
     *Which one is different?

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