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"From Seed to Scholar"™

Would you and your child benefit from this program? Ask yourself these questions:

Do you want your child to develop a love for books and reading?

Is your child prepared for school?

Do you live in a school district with half-day Kindergarten?

Do you want to increase your child's motivation to learn?

Does your child need to catch up academically, to his/her peers?

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New York:
Port Jefferson Village Center
101-A East Broadway
Port Jefferson, NY 11777


                             Common Core State Standards

Lessons are thoughtfully constructed to meet the age and skill level of each child.   The curriculum is align
ed with Pre-K and Kindergarten Common Core State Standards.  (All school districts are expected to have their local curriculum aligned to these standards.  They provide teachers and parents with a common understanding of what students are expected to learn to be successful.)

  The following Pre-K and K Common Core Standards define the essential skills and knowledge that each child will learn in this program while actively engaging in group reading activities.  They will:
  • Identify the author, illustrator, major characters, settings, and events in a story, while describing how the illustrations support this story.   

  • Improve memory and oral language skills as they hear a variety of writing styles and common types of text through Fiction, Non-fiction, poems, folktales, multimedia resources,etc...

  • Increase their vocabulary foundation by hearing words in context, while at the same time identifying letters and their sounds and matching words to pictures. 

  • Make connections between self, text, and the world around them while developing individual interests in content-area studies such as science, social studies, language arts, math, etc…   
  • Learn to listen, follow directions, and follow basic group rules (e.g. raise hand, take turns, remain on topic, answer questions).

  • Build comprehension skills through discussion before, during and after reading.

  • Practice cognitive skills through extension activities such as sorting, sequencing, patterning, number recognition, counting, etc...

  • Use technology independently to explore concepts, express ideas, and learn basic skills. (They will become familiar with technology that is being used in K – 12 schools.)

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