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Books and More!

On this page, you will find examples of books and online subscriptions that will be used in class.

Below are examples of theme-related Non-fiction and Fiction books: 
Non-fiction (left column): True stories about real things, people, events, and places.

Fiction (right column): Entertaining, make-believe stories.


Manners at a Friends House
By Amanda D. Tourville

An introduction to manners that focuses on the proper way to behave while visiting a friend's house.


Being a Pig is Nice: A Child’s-Eye View of Manners
By Sally Lloyd-Jones

Tired of being told to be polite and to not misbehave, a child considers trading places with various animals and a monster.

Community Helpers


School Bus Drivers
By Melanie Mitchell

An introduction to the duties and daily life of school bus drivers. 

Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive
the Bus!

By Mo Willems

A pigeon that longs to drive a bus sees a chance to make its dream

Seasons: Fall

Are You Ready for Fall?
By Sheila Anderson

Describes fall, discussing how nature changes, the weather, and typical activities.


Who Loves the Fall?
By Bob Raczka

Showcases the sights and sounds of autumn through a look at the people who celebrate the season, from "rakers, leapers, and corn crop reapers" to "trickers, treaters, and turkey eaters."

Farm Animals

A Visit to the Farm
By B. A. Hoena

Text and photographs introduce a visit to the farm, with descriptions of some farm buildings including barns and bins, and identifies some farm animals including chickens, sheep and pigs.

Dooby Dooby Moo
By Doreen Cronin

While Farmer Brown sleeps, his animals prepare for a talent show at the county fair.


Other books may include:

Subscriptions from the following will be projected to the SMART Board each week to supplement the lesson:

  • Scholastic: Explores grade-appropriate Non-fiction content and news stories with exciting, colorful images.  Uses sound, video, and animation.
  • ABCmouse: Uses online books, songs, games, puzzles, and art activities to teach Reading (alphabet, phonics, sight words), Math (numbers, shapes, patterns, measurement), The World Around Us (basic science and social studies), and Art and Music (drawing, coloring, tracing, songs). 
  • MightyBook Jr.: An online publisher of award-winning children's animated read-aloud books, story songs, games and puzzles that promote literacy.

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